Saturday, November 24, 2012

Valiant Defender's Party 2020

Well, isn't that something? Just a little something to inspire our future generation of VDPers. ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Justices Supreme

The Justices Supreme serves as the judicial branch of the Party. They include some of the most outspoken intelligentsia of the Forums, offering new ideas and judging our programs.

Chief Justice Jay Inga
Responsibilities: Head of the Justices Supreme

Associate Justice Jon Ranfone
Responsibilities: Judge of the Hall

Associate Justice Gavin Sterling
Responsibilities: Judge of the Library

Associate Justice Matt the Centrist
Responsibilities: Judge of the Hall

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Schylar Reed, Commander-In-Chief of the High Command

Interview conducted by Whitney of Silveria, Minister of Peace.

Schylar Reed is a soccer fanatic, a Patriot Academy student, and the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Valiant Defender's Party. He majors in Business Management. He provides a "voice of sanity" to the more extreme and radical High Command. His tanks from Gondor ravage World War 3 in former South America.

How are you, today?

How long have you been in CollegePlus! ?
A year and a half.

How many credits do you have?

What do you think of the Forums?
I love the forums. It's a great spot to meet follow Christian friends, study together, and just have fun. No where else on the web will you find a place as cool or as encouraging as the CP forums.

What do you do when you aren't on the Forums?
I work, study, lead worship in my church and youth group, play soccer, cut wood, hunt, show sheep, and anything else that might sound fun!  

Do you have any favorite things? Food? Books? Music?
Are those loaded questions? I don't think I can narrow it down to just one per item. I like pasta, fruit, and meat for food. I'm a big fan of Christian music, in almost all forms. And for books, well let's just say I go go on till the sun comes down. A random smattering of favorites would include Rifles for Watie, Pride and Prejudice, Where The Red Fern Grows, The Bronze Bow, Last of the Mohicans, The Scarlet Letter, Any G. A. Henty book..... and the list goes on. I'll spare you the pain and stop before I really get carried away! 

Any goals after graduation?
I would like to attend a Bible college for a year, and then move on into whatever God leads me to.

Any other thoughts you would like to share to the Forums?
No! Thoughts are private things, meant only for the thinker! Hence the reason we don't think out loud.

Now down to VDP:
When did WW3 fighters want to have their own party?

Roughly three election cycles ago.

Why did they want one?
At first it was just in fun. The guys (and gals) in the WWIII thread had really become great friends (despite killing each other on a regular basis ) and we decided we would have our own party. We really didn't like any of the other candidates at the time, so we voted for us!  

Why are they running?
After our first election cycle, we decided we wanted to be the next Statesmen Party. We wanted to have a lasting impact on the Forums, the Elections, and the Presidency. That is why, for the third time, we are running. We almost won last time, and we plan on being a serious contender in this one. If elected, we plan on continuing Statesmen's work in improving the forums through initiatives like Post Up for the library, by adding tools to help new students use the Forums, by leading in good, clean, exciting debates in the Debate Hall, and by using the Presidency to lead the forums in Christian behavior. 

How did you pick out the President for VDP?
With careful strategy and planning.  

VDP President, Why did you accept?
I really want to see the forums continue to improve. I also want to see the presidency become more than a glorified greeter, but instead be a leader on the forums. Some past presidents that really did that well and went above and beyond the call of duty were Jon David and Spencer. I want to see their legacy as president continue, rather than have the office be a cheap thing. 

How did you pick out your Vice President?
Adam [De Kroon] is a veteran of many campaigns and is friends with many on the forums. We liked his vision, his initiative, and his forum image a lot. All in all, he seemed to be the perfect man for the job.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Meet Lady Olivia of the Royal Family

Interview conducted by Whitney of Silveria, Minister of Peace.

Lady Olivia is the ruler of Schinaam in World War 3. She is responsible for our sacred motto: Suppressing evil, protecting freedom, and giving a voice to those that have none. The Valiant Defender's Party thanks her for her work. She, like many World War 3 players, is an aspiring writer. She is pursuing an English degree.

How are you, today?
I am doing awesome.

How long have you been in CollegePlus! ?
A few months over a year. I started in June-ish of lasted year.

How many credits do you have?

What do you think of the Forums?
I likes it. It's been extremely helpful with tests, and I've met a lot of cool people.

What do you do when you aren't on the Forums?
Either studying, playing on my iPad, or writing. Or other stuff.

Do you have any favorite things? Food? Books? Music?
Jelly Bellies!!!!
N.D. Wilson's books are excellent.

Any goals after graduation?
Training to be a wife and mother (doing that during school, too, though)

Any other thoughts you would like to share to the Forums?
It's an awesome place.

Why is VDP running?
To Suppress Evil, Protect Freedom, and Give A Voice To Those That Have None.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meet Andrew the Researching Pianist, Musician of the Royal Family

Interview conducted by Whitney of Silveria, Minister of Peace.

Andrew the Researching Pianist of the Royal Family is serious in many respects. He is often an encouragement, and has held a Chat prayer meeting and engineered a day to celebrate a certain member of the Forums through our profile pics and signatures. He also runs the Lateral Thinking Puzzles, which challenges the minds of many a Game Timer. He is pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship.

How are you, today? 
I am quite well, thank you. 

How long have you been in CollegePlus! ? 
A year, 6 days from now.

How many credits do you have? 
42. This is currently going by far too slowly

What do you think of the Forums? 
It is fun, helpful, serious, and building up.

What do you do when you aren't on the Forums? 
Study for college, study theology, hike with friends, newspaper route, piano, piano tutoring, work on our backyard garden.

Do you have any favorite things? Food? Books? Music? 
Food is good. I especially like theological books. I enjoy music, having done it for several years. I like growing food in our backyard.

Any goals after graduation? 
I'm not too sure... probably start a business, but you don't need to put that on.

Any other thoughts you would like to share to the Forums? 
I enjoy thinking. Make me think, earn my appreciation and respect.

Why is VDP running? 
To give a voice to those who have none... and just generally make the Forums better.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet Adam Narya, King of the Royal Family

Interview conducted by Whitney of Silveria, Minister of Peace.

King Adam Narya is the Head of the Royal Family of the Valiant Defender's Party. He rules the lands of Narnethia in World War 3. He is majoring in History. Adam is also an aspiring writer, and he is the first person to break 20000 posts in the CollegePlus! Forums. 

Hello all!
As Valiant Defender's Party's Journalist, may I ask you several questions? 

No. But since you are here, why not go ahead?

First off:
How are you, today?
A bit tired; otherwise good.

How long have you been in CollegePlus! ?
Just over a year.

What do you think of the Forums? 
Overall good.

What do you do when you aren't on the Forums? 
Study, eat, breathe (of course *nods*)...and...lotsa stuff.
Do you have any favorite things? Food? Books? Music? 
Too many to list

Any goals after graduation?
Hmm...get a good job; get married And...oh, get published!

Any other thoughts you would like to share to the Forums? mean all my personal thoughts are gonna get shown to the Forums?

Now down to VDP:

When did WW3 fighters want to have their own party?
Erm...Election 8.0? Or was it 7.0?

Why did they want one?
Essentially to have one (originally)

Why are they running? 
Now it has evolved into something greater. A desire to guide the forums well is our motivation.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Anti Chronicles: Narnethia Part #1

by Adam Narya of Narnethia

Location: Tibet mountain outpost. Time: 6 AM.

The Wardens have briefly left chasing the Luzonians in order to eradicate the Elitinati in Tibet. What they find, however, are Aryan and his Darwens. A terrific battle pitting millions of men against each other commences, and the results are night catastrophic for the environment around Tibet. Meanwhile, Herr Narya, Emperor, has personally traveled to meet his troops in their final victory over the EitE (Elitinati in the East). Inevitably he runs into his anti-twin. A knowing smile is exchanged, a nod of the head - then they are at one another's throats.

First one will get beaten down, only to rise again and turn the tables. Triumph seems impossible, for they are evenly matched. Little did they know, however, that they were ever steadily approaching the portal, one foot back/forward at a time, until they stood on the edge of it. Herr Aryan falls to the ground under a sudden barrage from Narya, but he is able t weather it. Building up to a tremendous knockout punch, he gives it, but in the process of flying backwards, Herr Narya managed to kick him in the chin, causing him to fall backward with a dislocated jaw.

The Emperor landed in the portal field, and almost instantly vanished. Aryan took a good look around, and slowly began to grin, a harsh, lopsided thing due to his new found infirmity. His troops were beginning to rout under the withering fire of the highly disciplined Warden opposition, but he did not care. Though he may have lost the battle, he had won the war. For all one need do, as the game goes, is take out the opponent's king....

The Anti Chronicles: Sho-rock

by Katherine of Sho-rock

...I immediately look in each of the audial library's that I am aware of and find only a cold, shy, demented girl of around twelve. Obviously my men take her in and dress and feed her, but they do not forget to bring along the tape to which she was listening. It is a copy of the scarlet letter. She reacts violently to any touch, even though she is treated with the utmost care. When she is brought to my castle she refuses to walk and is carried through the gates by a village boy. Apparently being scared of men, she is transferred to the care of the palace and to my maidens, the only time she seams to express joy is when they whisper to her; and the sound of wind in the rose garden lulls her to sleep. 

In the morning we awake to find her in that garden, here finger pressed unflinchingly into the longest thorn on a beautiful long stim yellow-tipped rose. A drop of blood trembles down her hand, and her lips twitch ever so slightly with her breath. The Sean is peaceful. I move silently to here side and move to itch her injured hand, when my own hand is inches away she turns her face to me, the face is hard and cold, not in the same way as a statue but in a way that shows that expression has retreated from the features as the mind became more expressive. I pause and then touch the bloody hand, she moves it then, to my face when with the mangled thumb pad she draws a strange check mark down my nose to the jaw and up towards my ear adding a smudge on top of my ear. The others around contemplate moving forward but are still; as are we. Both see the danger in the other. Mere moments later, we move, she to put her injured finger in her mouth and I to touch the design on my face. It is hard. Her blood is red and purple and hard like a mask, my expression is locked into some form that I dare not look at. I send the others away. This is my twin; when she stands up next even those retreating forums can feel the likeness between us even if they had not seen it before. 

She must leave, or we will both be destroyed; both holds power over the other, both counts the other as a threat. She has somehow come from her own detention and posed in mine for this moment when an action must be taken. We move apart, each to her own chamber. I do not bother to wash the chains from my face. The scarlet letter. In it is both blame and respect. I will where it. And I will send her her copy back. I know now what must be done for both of us. I am told that she immediately began the story again when it was returned to her, I couldn't know, I couldn't bring myself to watch. My engineers, magicians, they returned her to her own detention through the story; the story that locked us together and pulled us apart. 

She is gone forever now. The bloody symbol is gone also from my face, but the yellow rose remains, only now instead of a white rose tipped in yellow, it is a crimson, red one, tipped in gold.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Anti Chronicles: Erronithia Part #1

by Joshua Loomis of Erronithia

The two kings sat across the table from one another. They need not speak, the bonds of space could not separate that which was both one yet two. Nay, they merely gazed, endlessly. Little did their entourage know of the war of thoughts being waged within. Slowly, the Erronithian sovreign rose from his seat. He nodded, and his entourage followed him out of the door. As they exited into his shuttle, he glanced back.

"This is not the end."

"No. of course not," smiled the alternate. "Nay, this is merely the begining."

The two nodded, and the Erronithian shuttle departed to Earth. It landed on the mass that once comprised Erron-vale, that which now was incarnated as Erronithia's most deadly weapon capable of being used planetside. Briskly, the king walked across the runway to the bunker entrance. Once inside, the EMP emmissions severed his link with his alternate. He knew he had only so much time, mere nanoseconds to make an attack. The map lay sprawled out, and he glanced over it. Air force, army, marines, space fleets, espionage, all had to come together in perfect synchronization on a mass attack. Neo Samosa was the target, but that was only the percieved target. Yes, the alternates knew and countered the oves and motives of their origins, but being themselves alternate they were not bound by that restriction. The plan was in place, the time for action had come.

Silently, the Falkyrie II glided through the stratosphere. Closing in on it where three Viper-class Aih'tinorre fighters, ready to shoot it down. The pilot knew his time had come, but he cared not. He knew that this was the price of a patriot. It was a price he payed willingly, knowing the cost of the alternatives at the hands of Kent. Three miles above Neo-samosa, the Falkyrie de-activated it's disruptive EMP shielding and launched five pods. Five Black Hand agents rocketed to the surface of Earth at MAch 3, crashing into the waves of Lake Eerie. Thuroughly disgruntled at the turn of events, the Vipers split to try and catch them. One vaporized the Falkyrie with its twin energy cannons, then followed the other two to circle above the ripples. For an hour, the vultures hovered. Little did they know that the Black Hand operatives had by now reached the shores of Neo Samosa via diving suits, and had begun constructing a porto-rift.

In Erronithia, the 15th Divison idled, standing by in parade formation. Kent watched from space, contemplating on launching a GAOBD to destroy it entirely. Suddenly, the whole Division disappeared. He paused, then it hit him.

"NEO SAMOSA, NOW!!" Shouted the warlord.

Immediately, the HUD brought up real-time imaging of the porto-rift. Through it poured the whole Division.

Kent's fist fell upon the top of a nearby table.

"Deploy the 92nd, fulll combat regalia at 2nd Protocol, NOW!"

The flagship boosted forward, coming into position above the island with all due speed. Immediately, the 92nd Aih'tinorre 92nd Orbital Marines deployed, fully armed and armored. Then, the unspeakable. From approximately five miles off the coast of Neo-samosa came the flashing shots of a high-precision defensive laser, the work of the Eon Antisamosans. One by one, the 92nd disappeared pod by pod in short bursts of fury. Kent spewed forth his rage in a violent stream of vitriol, before turning to the crew.


No sooner had he spoken than an ESF fleet dropped out of rift.

Kent stared at it, his eyes streaming hatred.

"The petty fool is reading me now... How he managed it I can't guess but by Jove it won't last," he mused.

Turning, he ordered the remaining Aih'tinorre fleets into position. From the Tibetan protal spewed forth the whole of Kent's fleet, the sheer size of which convinced the Erronithians to with-draw. Yet the damage was done, and a combined force of ELC and Anti-samosans held the beach-head of the island. A beachhead that Kent could only draw against, no matter what he threw at it. Indeed, as long as the Erronithians stayed there, he was caught. He growled, paced, and then cursed. Turning, he paced out of the bridge, wondring what his next move would be.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Anti Chronicles: Gondor Part #1

by Schylar Reed of Gondor

Location: Top secret Gondorian Bunker
Time: August 9, 1:14 AM

General "Faramir " wearily looks over the maps strewn over the table. He is the new commander of the Black Rifles, having been given the command only recently, and already, he had a greater problem before him than all the previous commanders before him had ever had. "How are we ever to defeat General Meir'boro when he merely copies our ever move?" he explodes. "I send troops to the fortifications in one place, and he does the same; I attack here, and he attacks at the same point, at the same time, with same amount of men! We even lose the same amount of men! It seems the only way we can get rid of this threat to the world is to kill ourselves and hope they do the same!"

Frustrated, the General leaves the dim room and heads to the surface to clear his head. Outside, he walks around, pacing back and forth, racking his brain for a solution. How do you defeat an enemy that mirrors your every move without first defeating yourself? There seemed to be no other solution to the problem other than killing themselves, or marching straight into the portal themselves and leading the White Rifles away from Gondor. He knew his men would not hesitate at either command, but it went against his nature to willing send his men to their deaths. No, he would only exercise those options as a last resort. There must be some other way to win without first losing.

He wished his brother was here. Though most Black Rifles severed all ties with family in order to serve, he and his brother couldn't do it. They had lost their parents when "Faramir" was just a baby, and his brother had cared for him his whole life. They had done everything together growing up, so when his impetuous brother joined the Black Rifles, he had signed up too. "How ironic," he thought, "that he would be known as General "Boromir" and go down in history as a valiant warrior, have his name forever immortalized, and be the last man ever to carry the title of "Boromir", and I should be his successor and be given the name "Faramir". Sometimes fate has an interesting way of doing things."

While he turned to head back into the bunker to see if any new transmissions had come in, he pondered on what his older brother would do. "Boromir" would have known exactly what should be done; he always had a grand plan. If only he could catch just a glimpse of one of those plans. As he strode past the sentries and through the hidden door, it came to him like a thunderbolt. Wheeling around in the doorway, he understood. "It would be just like this." he thought. All he would have to do is get them this far, and then get out of the way in time! But, he shuddered at the thought, the cost would be great. Very great. Yet, it must be done. Standing in the doorway, he now knew what to do. He sent one last glance at the sky before heading underground and sent a quick whisper of thanks. "Now," he thought, "it's my turn to save Gondor."

Next: Part II

The Anti Chronicles: Luminne

by Olivia of Luminne

Odalys stood watching the Schinaam soldiers hurrying all over. She shivered and hugged her parka closer around her as the wind gusted through the encampment.

"Come on," Odalys whispered, "Show yourself, you coward."

"You call me a coward?" Odalys jumped at the voice in her head. She stared into the distance, and her eyes caught sight of a darkening horizon.

"Captain!" Odalys yelled. The captain ran up to her almost instantly. "Its time. Ready the men."

"Yes ma'am." Odalys turned back to the horizon, hearing the flyers screech their battle cry. She turned away defiantly and went to her tent to suit up. Once she had on her armor (a special Schinaam creation. Able to withstand heavy blows, both laser and physical), she equipped herself with a pistol and a Schinaam spear.

"M'lady," the captain looked nervous, "Please, I beg you to reconsider-"

"Captain," Odalys looked at him sharply, "Do not question my actions. I would not do this if I had not thought long and hard about it. I am prepared for what is come." The captain bowed. Odalys left the tent without another word.

Within the hour Atis had come, her and her army. She looked almost exactly like Odalys, but with a face of pure evil. Odalys did not waste time locating her twin. The woman stood waiting for her, watching her every move as she approached. Their armies clashed around them. Atis had apparently created a barrier between them and their armies. No help would come today.

"You are a fool to face me," Atis snarled. Odalys watched her calmly, "You come to me with no one with you?"

"I don't need anyone this time," Odalys replied confidently, "I can take you down by myself."

"Such confidence," Atis scoffed, "It's not like you to act and speak so independently. Surely you don't think you can face me alone? Look around you! My army is your army's worst nightmare. My Narakraz Warriors will leave no one alive."

"Your warriors will die before they even lay a finger on my men," Odalys countered. Her lip curled into a malicious sneer, "And I will enjoy every minute of it." A flash of confusion flew across Atis's eyes.

"Where is the caring, loving woman I know, hmm?" Atis smiled, taking another approach, "She would not want to see innocent lives be hurt."

"Yes I would," Odalys nodded, "Oh, how I'd love to see that."

"What is wrong with you?!" Atis screeched, "You're behavior is entirely unacceptable!"

"Oh, don't even go there," Odalys walked around the perimeter of the barrier. She tapped it with her spear, and the weapon nearly flew out of her hand. "Impressive. So it keeps us in. What does it do to those who are out?" The spearhead emitted a rosy color. A nearby enemy soldier suddenly soared across the field and into the barrier, his scream was cut short as he disappeared.

Atis stared in shock. Odalys fingered the spearhead daintily. "So, that's what it does... Very nice."

"Of course you would use my own soldiers," Atis recovered herself, adjusting her maroon colored jacket. "You wouldn't dare use your own-" Atis cut herself off as a Schinaam soldier flew into the barrier and disappeared. "What are you doing?! You can't just kill your own men! Are you mad?!"

"Last time I checked, I had all my marbles," Odalys smiled sweetly. "Oh, I am going to enjoy this. How about a few more?" The captain flew overhead and into the barrier. Odalys laughed at the look of horror on Atis's face. "Surprised, sister?"

"No! This isn't how you behave!" Atis yelled. "You don't just-" Atis screamed as Odalys shot her in the shoulder with her laser pistol.

"Why not? It's so much fun," Odalys sneered, "The pain on their faces. Their agonized screams. I love it." Atis looked terrified.

"You're bluffing!" She shouted, "You're making it up!"

"Am I?" Odalys shot her again, "You have just witness three murders. Completely voluntary. I was not forced in any way. Not influenced. Do you think it's a bluff now?"

"No!" Atis screamed, clutching her head, "This isn't how it is to be! You can't-"

"I can do what I want," Odalys snarled, "I don't need anyone to tell me what to do." Atis screamed again. Odalys was drinking it all in. "I think it's time for us to part. You may leave."

"No! I will kill you!"

"Not if I do it first," Odalys slammed the butt of her spear into the rocky ground, and the barrier shattered. "You should really use something I don't know how to disable." Atis didn't seem to hear. She was clutching her head and staggering back. Odalys smiled gleefully. She gripped her twin's arm and yanked her to the ground.

"Sayonara," she whispered, "And don't come back!" Atis screamed. Her body looked as if it was being pulled into the sky. Atis's army were swept into the sky with their mistress, right into the cursed portal they had come from. The Schinaam whooped and cheered. Odalys sighed with relief, rubbing her eyes. The captain, perfectly whole and well, ran up to her.

"Queen," he said urgently, "We must get you to the palace."

"Very well," Odalys nodded, "Help me, if you would. I now realize how much I hate my twin. Having to act like her made me see how truly vile she is."

"You did splendidly," the captain encouraged, "The dummies you had built were perfect."

"All the same, I don't want to ever do that again."

Odalys was taken to her rooms. There, she changed into a casual dress and tried to recover. Even though they were dummies, the scientists had made them so life-like it still hurt, making them fly into the barrier. Shooting her twin wasn't as bad, but it still made her feel horrible.

"Odalys!" A male voice shouted, making her jump. A young man burst into her room.

"Thank you for knocking," she chided harshly.

"Apologies," the young man bowed. But he clearly didn't mean it. "What just happened?! You went to war?! Your ambassador is furious! I just barely manage to persuade him to remain at his station, but he made me come instead. What were you thinking?!"

"I was thinking about was was best for my country!" Odalys rose to her feet. "Be careful how you speak to me, Zakar." The young man lowered his eyes.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly, "May I ask how you did it? The soldiers aren't quite the most reliable source, and the captain won tell me anything."

"I'd be happy to," Odalys smiled, "My twin is, as you may know, my exact opposite. She hates me with all her being, and despises all I do.

"It took me a few nights to discover how I could be rid of her. I realized battling her would be of no use, because she and I are evenly matched. I realized, very late in the night, that there was one way I could win, without outright killing her.

"I realized that since she is my opposite, she adores all I hate. That includes pain. I don't like seeing others in pain. So, I thought, what would happen if I did? I had no idea how to go about this line of thought, so I brought in someone who is a professional with acting as different personalities from his own."

"A movie actor?" Zakar smiled, understanding.

"Yes, a movie actor," Odalys nodded, "I was able to hire the best. Over the past few days she helped train me to think, feel, and act as my twin does. It was by no means enjoyable, but I was sufficiently able to look and sound convincing."

"No offense, m'lady," Zakar said, trying not to smile, "But the thought of you in such a way is rather terrifying."

"I felt the same," Odalys smiled, "But I did it, somehow. When I faced my twin, I immersed myself in her ways. I led her to believe I voluntarily killed my soldiers. But they were only dummies. I behaved with all the cruelty she possessed. And in the end, it drove her mad."

"Why?" Zakar was totally absorbed in the story.

"Because it's not how I am," Odalys replied, "To her, I am not a killer. I prefer to care for others. When she saw me ruthlessly murdering, she didn't know how to respond. She couldn't like me. She hates every part of me, and she can't change it. I was starting to act as evil as she was, and she couldn't adjust. She is my evil twin. She can't become to good one. It didn't help when I behaved as if I didn't need anyone to tell me what to do."

"But, highness, you don't."

"True, but I can't always make educated decisions by myself. After that, she was completely immobilized," Odalys shrugged, "It was an easy matter to send her through the portal." Odalys went to her desk. "Now, if you would, please send me a messenger, I have correspondence to attend to."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Social Networking

We now have a Twitter Account! You can check the right for real time updates of WW3.

We have had a Facebook Page for awhile now. It holds the more major non-real time things.

Remember to vote for the WW3 Valiant Defender's Party!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day of Reckoning ~ Prologue

by Leslie Conzatti. Used with permission.

Prologue, Part 1--Eillumaeia, The Land of the Elitinati
Dawn rose over Eillumaeia, the same hazy greyness that had overshadowed the landscape ever since the day the Council of Elitinati convened and amongst themselves decided that the entire nation should comply under one system of belief and governance, establishing the Six Pillars of Illuminus, and establishing that there would be no other law, and any voice of dissent must be silenced.
In the years that followed, the Elitinati enacted their control. The borders of Eillumaeia became readily evident, as every inch of them became lined with walls, both invisible magic and visible stone and iron. Guards patrolled the borders, not just keeping watch over the people coming in--but also seeing that no one left without proper authorization. Elitinati schools and "church-temples" were established in the large cities, and all other houses of education or worship aggressively abolished.
The Council decided on laws, the Council oversaw the training of the military, and the Council proclaimed the Principles of Elitinati as the final word in scientific discovery, both magic and concrete. Any sort of "miracle" or "anomaly" could and should be explained by the Elitinati, and anything they did not deem worth explaining or exploring was dismissed as "falsified data" or "irrelevant mystique." In order to be accepted as an influencing voice in the Elitinati Council, one had to prove their dominance over the Elitinati. Therein the peoples fell; no one could overshadow the Elitinati. Their only hope was extensive study and meditation, to become wiser than the Council; but if the Council controlled the education, what more could anyone learn beyond what the Elitinati already knew? Even the news bulletins and the entertainment was geared toward Elitinati dominance. It was a normal way of life for even the fiction world, and as for the news--well, one never heard much from the world outside, but what of that? What was so important that one could not be satisfied to tolerate the "broad" ways of the Elitinati? Could they not be content in their situation? So long as the Pillars stood, the Elitinati provided comfort for its compliant citizens. They "listened" sympathetically to all complaints and questions, then answered them according to their great wisdom, correcting the person's "mistaken hypotheses" and sending them on their way with a "better understanding" of the "right" way to view the world. A series of gas-spewing factories provided the illusion of economic and employment security, and the overrule was complete.

At Gate SE14, along the southeastern border of Eillumaeia, the captain on duty, Sir Lyam, snapped to attention as the cry of a wind-whistler echoed through the trees. There were no wind-whistlers anywhere near the gates of Eillumaeia, of course--but there were those who could make themselves invisible in the trees, and imitate the noise perfectly.
Sir Lyam peered through the fetid smog as he listened carefully to the steps approaching, knowing that this was all the warning he would get before the traveler (or travelers) came into sight, at which time an enemy would be close enough to kill Lyam and all of his men.
today, he heard one set of footsteps. A lone traveler, walking very slowly, and very softly. Lyam had to strain so hard to listen for the footfalls that he had to fight to maintain his composure when the traveler cried, "Ho!"
Lyam jerked upright and squinted through the fog; the traveler stood just close enough for Lyam to make out his silhouette, but remained at enough distance to be shrouded in fog.
"Step forth and identify yourself!" Sir Lyam commanded.
The stranger took one step forward, and in a strange, hollow voice, replied, "The Illuminus is the root, the Elitinati is the tree, and the Council is the crown."
Such was the traditional incantation of only the ones lucky enough to be selected for training as an Elitinati, at their chief Training School at the heart of Eillumaeia. Sir Lyam immediately bowed, acknowledging the Elitinati affiliation of the stranger, even if this person was only a novice in the school. Furthermore, Lyam knew that to press an Elitinati for further identification was to risk an inquiry into his own insubordination that would inevitably result in his being sent to work in the deepest regions of the largest factory.
"Enter, O Great One," Lyam replied, opening the magic gate and the iron one for the traveler.
The stranger entered the magic curtain, but paused before the iron gate.
"Tell me, captain," the stranger spoke in that same, strange-sounding tone, that bore alternately a soft treble and a firm, dark sound, "Have you served as Gatekeeper long?"
Sir Lyam considered this question odd, but he did not hesitate as he replied, "Ever since my younger days, Your Excellence."
"And you have seen everyone and everything that has come through this gate since that day?"
Sir Lyam nodded, "I have seen everything, O Enlightened One."
The faceless traveler gave a light chuckle, and responded, "Only one thing you have not seen, Captain; that which I am. Remember this day," the traveler at last stepped through the gate and into the outskirts of Eillumeia, "For today you have seen the Reckoning of the Elitinati!"

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Ministries

The Ministries of the Party are the backbone of the structure. They handle the brunt of the work, acting as a bureaucracy, intelligence agency, and while it may seem menial, without them, the Party cannot exist.

Prime Minister/Coordinator gmx0 (Samx) of Neo Samosa
Responsibilities: Coordinate the Ministries

Head of the Ministry of Truth/Supreme Propagandist Connell Howard of Majestic Dawn
Responsibilities: Handles Video and Poster Propaganda

Head of the Ministry of Love Katherine/Katie A of Sho-rock
Responsibilities: Handles Internal Party Relations and Written Propaganda

Head of the Ministry of Peace Whitney of Silveria
Responsibilities: Handles Party-to-Party Relations

Head of the Ministry of Intelligence/Intel General Dawson of Dawesomenia
Responsibilities: Handles Espionage Agents and Party-to-Library Relations

Head of the Ministry of Plenty/Rations Officer Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo
Responsibilities: Handles Forum Skittle and M&M Rations

Head of the Ministry of Chivalry/Grand Marshall Shadow_Knight of the Shadowlands
Responsibilities: Handles Party Chivalry.

Head of the Ministry of Goodwill Kaitlyn Semones
Responsibilities: Handles Party-to-Forum Relations

Head of the Ministry of Music Bob
Responsibilities: Handles Party Music for parties!

Head of the Ministry of Freedom Trenster of Trentopolis
Responsibilities: Handles epic stuff

Head of the Ministry of War SWAGIN Shadow of High Rahn Empire
Responsibilities: Defeat the Elitinati

Head of the Ministry of Chat LaurenE
Responsibilities: Oversee Chat

Head of the Ministry of Linguistics Southern gal
Responsibilities: Translate mottos and whatnot

Head of the Ministry of Mathematics Super Mickey Mikayla of Calisota
Responsibilities: Calculate Pi to 48438970384572087043204th place

Head of the Ministry of Hope HopeInTheStreets
Responsibilities: Take care of the unicorns.

Head of the Ministry of Espionage Anna Trott of German Pluto
Responsibilities: Handles intelligence work.

Head of the Ministry of Writing LeslieC of Telmar
Responsibilities: Write, write, write... and proofread.

Head of the Ministry of Technology David Haymond
Responsibilities: IT guy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Royal Family

The Royal Family is the ceremonial and social branch of the Party. They include some of the most respected in the Forums. Members are encouraged to be examples to the Forum community, and encouraged to abide by a Code of Honor.

King Adam of Narnethia
Responsibilities: Head of the Royal Family

Mother Queen Whitney of Silveria and Unvera
Responsibilties: Wise motherly wisdom

High Queen Sofia Soul Pea
Responsibilities: Wise wisdom of bacon epicness.

Princess Mia
Responsibilties: Princessy things

Lady Victoria
Responsibilities: Name Change

Lady Olivia of Luminne
Responsibilities: Motto

Duchess Chelsea
Responsibilities: Secretary to the President

Duchess Emily DeRois
Responsibilities: Maintenance of joyfulness

Grandmaster of the Royal Knighthood Shadow_Knight of the Shadowlands
Responsibilities: Handles Forum Knighthood.

Royal Knight Melessa of Esmarga and JB
Responsibilties: Encourage Knight's Code of Honor

Empress of the Forums Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo
Responsibilities: Make cookies.

Royal Translator Southern gal
Responsibilities: Translation

Musician Andrew the Researching Pianist
Responsibilities: Play music!

Royal Spy Hannah Musick
Responsibilities: Cipher and key mistress.

Duke Uriah
Responsibilities: Signature Swagmaster.

Countess Jael
Responsibilities: Hostess of Gatherings

Countess Brittdana
Responsibilities: Maintenance of general happiness

Sentinel Star Wars Fanatic
Responsibilities: Jedi!

Sir Joshua Vincent
Responsibilities: Knight of the Order

Sir Joshua Uproar
Responsibilities: Knight of the Order

Sir Joshua Subra
Responsibilities: Knight of the Order

Chaplain Samx
Responsibilities: Maintain Royal List.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Supreme World Council

The Supreme World Council was erected to replace the League of United Nations. The League is against the Supreme World Council, as it is made up of "New" Nations, while the Supreme World Council is made up of rebuilt "Old" Nations.

Signers of the Original SWC Charter:
Federal States of America (North)
New Confederate Sovereignities of America (South)
Wild Western Wilderness of America (West)
Mexican Annexation (Central America)
Rosicrucae (exiled government of Germany)
Quebec Principality (Canada)
Tibetan Free Republic (China)
Empire of Luzon (Southeast Asia)
Muscovite-Siberian Collective (Russia)
Palestine (area around Israel, not Israel itself)

Applications Pending:
South Korean Protectorate
Cairo-Carthagian Kritocracy

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

WW3 Veterans' Ballistics Party

(also known as WW3 Veteran's Ballistics Party, WW3 Veterans of Ballistics Party)

High Command:
Commander-in-Chief/President Schylar Reed of Gondor
Responsibilities: Head of the Party, performs official CollegePlus! Forums duty of welcoming new members.

Strategic Commander/Vice-President Joshua Loomis of Erronithia
Responsibilities: Succeeds the President at the President's death/inactivity.

King Adam Narya of Narnethia
Responsibilities: Head of Royal Family

Prime Minister/Coordinator gmx0 (Samx) of Neo Samosa
Responsibilities: Coordinate the Ministries

Supreme Dictator Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo
Responsibilities: None. And being not funny.

Royal Family:
Lady Victoria
Responsibilities: Name Change

Lady Olivia of Luminne
Responsibilities: Name Change

Duchess Chelsea
Responsibilities: Name Change

Grandmaster of the Royal Knighthood Shadow_Knight of the Shadowlands
Responsibilities: Handles Forum Knighthood.

Royal Knight Melessa of Esmarga/JB
Responsibilties: Encourage Knight's Code of Honor

Empress of the Forums Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo
Responsibilities: Make cookies.

Parliament and Tactical Command:
Head of the Ministry of Truth/Supreme Propagandist Connell Howard of Majestic Dawn
Responsibilities: Handles Video and Poster Propaganda

Head of the Ministry of Love Katherine/Katie A of Sho-rock
Responsibilities: Handles Internal Party Relations and Written Propaganda

Head of the Ministry of Peace Whitney of Silveria
Responsibilities: Handles Party-to-Party Relations

Head of the Ministry of Intelligence/Intel General Dawson of Dawesomenia
Responsibilities: Handles Espionage Agents and Party-to-Library Relations

Head of the Ministry of Plenty/Rations Officer Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo
Responsibilities: Handles Forum Skittle and M&M Rations

Head of the Ministry of Chivalry/Grand Marshall Shadow_Knight of the Shadowlands
Responsibilities: Handles Party Chivalry.

Head of the Ministry of Goodwill Kaitlyn Semones
Responsibilities: Handles Party-to-Forum Relations

Head of the Ministry of Music Bob
Responsibilities: Handles Party Music for parties!

Head of the Ministry of Epicness Trenster of Trentopolis
Responsibilities: Handles epic stuff

Pending Appointments:
Head of the Ministry of War SWAGIN SHADOW of the High Rahn Empire
Responsibilities: Handles Party-to-Outside Relations

Head of the Ministry of Security/Scout Master Cyrus of Hispania
Responsibilities: Handles Party-to-Ranger Relations and Voluntary Moderatorship

Head of the Ministry of Stewardship Caleb Jenkins of the Land of Stewardship
Responsibilities: Handles Forum Stewardship and Treasury

Head of the Ministry of Communications Olivia of Luminne
Responsibilities: Handles Party-to-Chat Relations

Head of the Ministry of Espionage Agent Cobalt of German Pluto
Responsibilities: Handles Party-to-Outside Relations

High Queen Sofia Soul Pea
Responsibilities: Queenly stuff

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dark Fortress Assault (CP! Universe)

The CP! Universe of WW3

Dark Fortress Assault

Schylar Reed of Gondor:

The Elitinati MUST be stopped! It's time to fight!

Despite the loss of many Black Rifle soldiers on Reach, the cops is still functioning. Flooded with new recruits, they begin planning their revenge. Despite repeated warnings of the impossibility of it actually succeeding, General "Boromier" (every commanding General of the Black Rifles uses this title. Their reall names are hidden for security purposes) decides to take the fight to the enemies stronghold by attacking the Black Fortress. This impenetrable fortress is used as the Elitinati's main base for all operations on earth; the heart of all Elitinati operations begins here.

Undaunted by the task, General "Boromier" leads the troops in himself

The 9th Assault troops assisted by the 3rd Snipers come in from the north, while from the southwest, the 10th and 2nd Rangers slip up in stealth speeders. From the east, the 8th and the 1st entrench themselves in the Elitinati's only escape route. The enemy is completely blocked in.
Right as the last units get into place, both the 5th and the 6th Sky Hawks begin dive bomb runs from the Sting in space. They concentrate all fire on the center of the fortress. With confusion now on the outer lines of where the attack is happening, General "Boromier" orders the troops forward.

Despite being surprised by the attack, the Elitinati soldiers stand fast. They fear the wrath of their masters far more than the bullets of the Black Rifles. With bombs falling around them and furious supersoldiers attacking, they do not break and run, but rather remain and fight. For some time, the contest is doubtful.

As the fight continues, the ranks of the Black Rifles slowly thin, while the enemy grows more numerous with each passing minute. General "Boromier" knows something must be done, or soon all will be lost. "Follow me", he gestures to two young recruits. "If we capture those upper defenses, we could turn those guns away from our men and into the enemy." With no more than two men behind him, the General blazes ahead, guns aflame. The very sight of him leaves no doubt of why he is the head of the BR. Reaching the defenses, they quickly knock out the gunners and the recruits man the guns while the General holds the stairs. The tide begins to turn!

With the guns now firing into their backs, the enemy becomes disorganized and falls back to the inner keep. For a brief moment, all fighting ceases. General "Boromier" leaves his station to pear over the battlements to issue orders to his remaining soldiers. Suddenly, both of his gunners are shot down down. He whirls around, only to see dozens of enemy soldiers blocking him from the stairs. Trapped, he does the only thing possible, he prepares to fight!

Josh's support divisions arrive at just the right time. Scores of bombs and missiles rock the fortress sending everyone running for cover. "Boromier's" assailants dive beneath the ramparts, giving him just enough time to leap off the wall to the ground 50 feet below. His suit takes most of the blow, but even so, his right leg buckles underneath the tremendous fall. He is left limping, but he has no time to worry about that now. While Josh's divisions are still keeping the Elitinati occupied, he rallies the troops and prepares to lead the attack on the inner keep. "To me!" he cries, "To me, men! We have a fight yet to win!" Bolstered by their general's rallying cry, the Black Rifles renew the attack with vigor. The final battle for the Dark Fortress begins.

The 10th begin scaling the walls, while the 3rd Snipers pick off any enemy soldier that dares show their faces. The 2nd plant explosive charges on the main gate, while the 1st, 8th, and 9th, rally around "Boromier" in the center of the courtyard. At the General's signal, the charges are detonated and the gates are blown of their hinges. With a great cry, the Black Rifles pour into the keep!

Though severely outnumbered and outgunned, the courage of the Rifles wins the fight. Soon, the Elitinati are fleeing in droves. Top ranking officials use escape pods to leave earth and return to their ships in space. They leave behind them the smoking ruins of the Black Fortress.

But General "Boromier" is not finished. Taking with him some of the few remaining Rifles, he races to get to the airfield. They arrive just in time to intercept Eliua Orvenston, "Mr. Shark's" right hand man. His bodyguards, the Elantini Pillar Guards, attempt to clear a way through to his escape pod, but the Rifles aren't about to be thrust aside just like that. Vicious hand to hand combat begins.

The guards prove to many for the weary Rifles, and one by one they are taken down. Finally, only "Boromier" is left. His leg is almost crippled now, and the remaining guards move in to finish him off. But "Boromier" didn't come through fire and bullets just to fail in his objective. Pulling the pins of his remaining grenades, he tosses one into each of the Pillar guards cloaks. The explosions kill most of the remaining guards, and before their stunned partners can recover, "Boromier" neatly guns them down. Now, it is just him and Eliua. "Give it up, soldier, you cannot withstand me. I am Eliua Orvenston, a leader of the Elitinati! Against my powers you do not stand a chance" Eliua cries. Crippled, bloodied, and exhausted, "Boromier" falls to his knees and for the first time in his life, the thought that he might not be able to win this fight crosses his mind. Eliuam sensing his foe's weakness, and walks forward and stabs the exhausted "Boromier" in the gut, letting him fall to the ground. "You puny humans will never defeat us. You haven't the strength nor the guts." he says scornfully as he sheathes his sword. Walking into the pod, he turns around to say one last word to his dying enemy. He stops, stunned. With a super human effort, General "Boromier" stands up. "You're wrong, Eliua! We will never stop fighting, we will never stop struggling, we will never stop resisting you until we have driven every last one of Elitinati from this earth!" With that he gives on last squeeze of the trigger and fires his remaining rounds. Having given it his all, he and Eliua fall to the ground together in death.

Epilogue: When the surviving Black Rifles arrive at the airfield, they are too late to save "Boromier". He lies fallen among the bodies of his enemies. His body is reverently carried back to Gondor where it is buried with the greatest respect possible. The mission is a success, and the Black Fortress is reduced to rubble, but the cost is great. Over 9/10 of the Black Rifles never return from the fight, and their leader will never again rally the troops. The remaining Rifles return to their base where they will attempt to restore the Black Rifles to their former glory. Sadly, many days will pass before they will ever be truly at full strength again.

Sorry to all who are wondering what the heck I'm doing. I wanted have an epic story of the Black Rifles, and once I got started, I figured I would finish. Sadly, my writing skills don't do it justice. It sounded much better in my head than it does on paper.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Brief History: CP! Universe

A Brief History(CP! WW3 Universe):

0. Age of Calm
The boundary between the Age of Calm and the Age of Storm is unclear. But it is known that before WW3, the United Nations has been rebuilt into a smaller League of UN following the possible disasters of depression, famines, and natural occurrences have been blamed for setting many "Old" nations(America, China, and the like) into states of civil war and dissolving.

1. Age of Storm(pages 1-5)
The Age of Storm marks the first clear battles of WW3, as distinguished from petty civil wars and internal strife within the "Old" nations. At first, only a few of the "New" nations have risen, but some still remain to this day as an almost permanent fixtures.

November 11, 2011 ~ World War III is announced to have existed. Exact date of start of the war is unknown, for it had been going on for ages.

November 23, 2011 ~ The nations of Neo Samosa, Trentopolis, Endor, and Sho-rock rise up with enough strength to keep fighting the War.

November 27, 2011 ~ Romania and VDL enters the theaters of the War. Due to lack of resources and manpower, they withdraw.

2. Age of Snake(pages 5-96)
The COBRA Alliance, particularly Erronithia, rules the Age of the Snake. This was when COBRA had over half of all the "New" nations in its alliance.

January 10, 2012 ~ The nations of Majestic Dawn and Thoristan grease the wheels of war. The alien races take notice of Earth.

January 11, 2012 ~ Erronithia arises from the fighting in Europe. Gondor likewise comes from a revolution in South America.

January 12, 2012 ~ The High Rahn Empire enters to decimate Erronithia. Germany again arises from the confusion in Europe. After days of fighting, the High Rahn enters into the newly formed COBRA Alliance, regardless of previous hostilities.

January 13, 2012 ~ Sho-rock unleashes a weapon so terrible it was issued a letter from the League of UN.

January 18, 2012 ~ Trentopolis rearms its military for a short while.

January 25, 2012 ~ The Kingdom of Nowhere, a previously lost society of nomads, gets entangled in a war against COBRA.

January 26, 2012 ~ Silveria incites the rage of Trentopolis and COBRA, especially Erronithia.

January 27, 2012 ~ Erronithia emerges as the leading nation of the War.

January 30, 2012 ~ Endor re-emerges to finish construction of a superweapon to destroy Earth. It succeeds, however, WW3 continues in alternate universes and realities.

February 7, 2012 ~ First Transversable Dimensional Split of WW3 into an Ancient Dimension and a Kombat Dimension.

February 9, 2012 ~ Hope Day as declared by the League. All Nations stopped fighting for one day to pray for Hope.

February 14, 2012 ~ V-Day invasion. Neo Samosa invades all nations who did not participate in Hope Day.

February 15, 2012 ~ Germany withdraws to Pluto.

February 20, 2012 ~ Narrenthian government is structured and begins engaging in military affairs. The ruler of Rikkistan is given the Nobel Peace Prize for her world peace cupcakes.

February 24, 2012 ~ Jael Gath makes itself known, is increasingly hostile to Endor.

February 27, 2012 ~ Another alien race, the Cayorria, lands on Earth.

February 28, 2012 ~ Narrenthia uses the Koalan mercenaries to subdue its enemies, however, they rebel.

February 29-March 2, 2012 ~ League of United Nations called into session. All nations elected Silveria, JaelGath, and Majestic Dawn as new Temporary Members of the Insecurity Council.

March 4, 2012 ~ The first General Assembly motion is passed. Neo Samosa uncovers a secret society masterminding the events of WW3.

March 6, 2012 ~ The Elitinati attempt to murder the rulers of Shorock, German Pluto, and Romania; but was stopped by Erronithian and Majestic Dawn intelligence.

3. Age of Eye(pages 96-current)
The Age of the Eye is marks the secret dominance of the Elitinati over WW3. Two new alliances of FAST and SWORD challenge COBRA for supremacy, while the Elitinati is busy subverting the nations.

March 9-13, 2012 ~ The Defense of Neo Samosa. Neo Samosa is attacked by the Elitnati in its centennial anniversary of its founding. All available nations chase out the invaders.

March 18, 2012 ~ A superweapon is built by the Elitinati. The nations struggle to find it all over the world by launching nuclear missiles at suspicious places.

March 24, 2012 ~ Narrenthian scientists crack the code and destroy the superweapon at Rikkistan. Unfortunately, it was discovered to be a Portal of some sort. The Portal unleashes a scout party of demons.

April 27, 2012 ~ The Darian Isles, built on former Atlantis, rises out of the waters.

April 30, 2012 ~ Another small wave of Demons come from the Portal, however, they are easily taken cared of.

May 2, 2012 ~ The Darians soon inhabit Hispania. A ruler from Fenwick, England reunites Britain into the Shadowlands.

May 6, 2012 ~ The Schinaam of Luminne, an industrious people, begin to build factories to join the War.

May 7, 2012 ~ Dawesomenia, a nation that is scattered, enters by bombing and kidnapping generals.

May 9, 2012 ~ The Land of Stewardship, the new Switzerland, is now known to be a banking state.

May 11, 2012 ~ The island of Esmarga sends notice to the other nations.

May 14, 2012 ~ The Shadowlands Tournament is disturbed by an huge invasion of Demons.

May 15, 2012 ~ Narrenthia is driven from its land and settles into Texas.

May 17, 2012 ~ Darian Hispania and Erronthia lead the charge against the Demons. They are now immortalized in WW3 history. Also, the Leslian-Conzattian nations of Murinda, Phantasm, and Telmar aid the nations.

May 18-19, 2012 ~ On the second session of the LUN, three new temporary Insecurity Coucnil members were elected: Narrenthian Texas, Darian Hispania, and Gondor. A new permanent Insecurity Council member was also elected: Majestic Dawn.

May 24, 2012 ~ Esmarga uses a Portal to flee its island to another Dimension and detonates the island.

May 31, 2012(Today) ~ Endor has new leadership.

WW3 Rules For All Known Forums

I. Basic Rules(subject to change):

1. However you play is up to you. Form alliances. Form country names and rulers. Form storylines. Be original and HAVE FUN!

Amendment: As long as it doesn't mess with the Technical Stuff Rules, of course.

2. Any decisions made by the management that are not put into vote is final. I'll be sure to be fair and objective.

3. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, PLEASE. This is just a game.

1. You can attack anyone who has posted on this thread. You must name the member's username or country.
 You can attack only one person at a time(if no one else has replied yet).
 Any unnamed attacks will directed to the poster before the attacker.

Amendment: Any unnamed attacks do not count unless stated afterwards.

2. You must state the epicness of your attacks. For example,
"I rain artillery shells on (username)'s bases"
"Blitzkrieging (username)'s country"
HOWEVER, nukes are not allowed until a special condition is met.

3. It is recommended you post pictures of your attacks. An attack with a picture or a vid is 2(two) points.

Youtube Videos are even better!!!

Appendix: Not enforced, but players are encouraged to limit pictures and videos to one or two per post, so the Net won't slow down.

5. To get a nuke, you must have been attacked at least 3 times. Nuking someone for revenge is acceptable. However, nuking a country that has not attacked you will summon the wrath of the League of the United Nations.

6. I will periodically check this thread and tally up scores on the scoreboard. Awards and whatnot will be presented at various random times. Every nation you nuke counts as 3 points and every other attack 1. A NUKE REDUCES A HIT COUNTRY'S POINTS BY 5 AND COUNTS AS TWO ATTACKS.

Amendment: Players are now required to keep their own score, but I will periodically double check the thread.

II. CollegePlus! Forums Specific Rules

1. The League will meet at random times in a poll vote form as I please. Voting will result in rule changes, sanctions, etc.

2. The League at random times will elect Permanent and Temporary Members of the Insecurity Council, taking this form:

3. Other rules concerning motion-making:

1. From time to time, players will be asked to particpate in missions. Participation is not required. However, those who does not participate will miss rewards.

2. LeslieC's Contingent:


III. GMC Forums Specific Rules

None, yet.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WW3 Technologies

Because of the Crises in the Age of Calm(a misnomer by itself, relatively true in light of the more recent Ages), all of the world either degenerated, advanced, maintained, or stagnated technologically and culturally, among other things. Additionally, for some reason, dimensional rifts intersect the home dimension frequently. This has resulted in some nations relying on magic and others performing massive space travel and others bringing in alternate laws of physics with their lands.

The most ancient of technologies seem to be medieval in nature, most of them coupled with magic, to compete with the more modern and advanced technological societies. Due to some law of nature arising from magic, creatures such as unicorns and dragons inhabit these nations. The lands of Sho-rock, Silveria, the Shadowlands, former Esmarga, and the Darian Isles/Hispania fit this category in varying degrees. The overabundance of magic has created the Ancient and Haven Dimensions, one with no magic and high magic, respectively.

The lands of Erronithia, Thoristan, Jael Gath, Dawesominia, Romania, Trentopolis, and Gondor, among others, are more or less modern or near-futuristic. They are able to send spacecraft, but some choose not to. Conventional warfare still abounds, with tanks, missiles, artillery, amphibious assaults, airstrikes, and whatnot. Biological warfare seems to have been the favorite in the early War because of the abolishment of the Geneva Convention. Due to the dimensional rifts, Erronithia has acquired use of practical wormhole technology, as the universe's physics have been scrambled to allow it. The League of UN mainly uses Cold War and the War on Terrorism technology and  techniques in their peacekeeping missions(which are rare). The Tank Dimension split in an almost unrelated way, but it seems it was influenced by the nuclear bombs redirecting the metaenergy lines on Earth.

Those humans that have fled Earth and some alien races have come back to bring in their futuristic technology to fight the World War. For some reason, any threat to Earth itself being blown up is shifted by a dimensional rift, thus the War continues on Earth, even though Earth is destroyed in one dimension. This is an interesting phenomenon, some say it is by design. Others say its just that the nations are extremely lucky they are in the dimension in which Earth always survives. This was first experienced when Endor uses a Death Star to destroy the planet. Schinaam of Luminne, the High Rahn Empire, Majestic Dawn, Cayorria, and others are space faring people. The Kombat and Space Dimensions were created due to the burden placed on the spacetime continuum, causing it to snap.

The land of Neo Samosa is advanced enough to put a spacecraft into space, but does not prefer to(although the space military branch of Neo Samosa, the Final Frontier, does). It seems to be an amalgamation of many different technologies throughout the ages. Neo Samosa largely uses steam and chronodisplacement(time travel) technologies. It is in the process of studying the phenomenon of the Dimensional Rifts. In colonizes any dimensions that is found, under variying names, as a ministry of the Chronocratic Guild.

The technology of the Idiosyncratic Igloo, the Bentonian Koalas, the Kingdom of Nowhere, and the Land of Stewardship is unknown or minimal, due to their small size. The Koalas seem to be barbarian in nature, due to them being animals. The Kingdom of Nowhere are guerilla warriors, and it is conjectured they have WW2-Cold War era weaponry. The Land of Stewardship is known to possess some of the most advanced stock market and banking software, but the extent of their other technologies are unknown. The Idiosyncratic Igloo seem to be a fishing people off the coast of Florida or Antarctica, and are peaceful. The rule of War stays true: nations at war advance in technology the most.

There is only one group who has melded both highly advanced technology and magic seamlessly. Their name must not be uttered! Many psychic and mind control technologies are owned by this group, and has infiltrated all of the Nations. Their knowledge has been given to them from below. From WAY below, the recesses of human imagination, the Void, and the Abyss, and who-knows-where-else. They have strongholds in space and other dimensions.

Interestingly, all Nations use one form of a nuclear bomb. It seems it is the only universal technology everyone possesses for sure. Those Nations steeped in ancient ways do not prefer to use them, but it is not unheard of. Thus, WW3 is dominated by nuclear warfare, or the fear of it.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

World War III!!!

Welcome to World War III. This blog will act as a dynamic encyclopedia of the game and other related thingies, of sorts. This is done to compile to enhance the experience.

But what is WW3? WW3 is an "eternal war across dimensions." Multiple universes come into play in this forum game, making it a multi-forum game! What happens in one WW3 forum will affect another... or not...

So... let the War Continue!

The WW3 Multiverse:
CP! Universe
GMC Universe