Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Anti Chronicles: Narnethia Part #1

by Adam Narya of Narnethia

Location: Tibet mountain outpost. Time: 6 AM.

The Wardens have briefly left chasing the Luzonians in order to eradicate the Elitinati in Tibet. What they find, however, are Aryan and his Darwens. A terrific battle pitting millions of men against each other commences, and the results are night catastrophic for the environment around Tibet. Meanwhile, Herr Narya, Emperor, has personally traveled to meet his troops in their final victory over the EitE (Elitinati in the East). Inevitably he runs into his anti-twin. A knowing smile is exchanged, a nod of the head - then they are at one another's throats.

First one will get beaten down, only to rise again and turn the tables. Triumph seems impossible, for they are evenly matched. Little did they know, however, that they were ever steadily approaching the portal, one foot back/forward at a time, until they stood on the edge of it. Herr Aryan falls to the ground under a sudden barrage from Narya, but he is able t weather it. Building up to a tremendous knockout punch, he gives it, but in the process of flying backwards, Herr Narya managed to kick him in the chin, causing him to fall backward with a dislocated jaw.

The Emperor landed in the portal field, and almost instantly vanished. Aryan took a good look around, and slowly began to grin, a harsh, lopsided thing due to his new found infirmity. His troops were beginning to rout under the withering fire of the highly disciplined Warden opposition, but he did not care. Though he may have lost the battle, he had won the war. For all one need do, as the game goes, is take out the opponent's king....

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