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Dark Fortress Assault (CP! Universe)

The CP! Universe of WW3

Dark Fortress Assault

Schylar Reed of Gondor:

The Elitinati MUST be stopped! It's time to fight!

Despite the loss of many Black Rifle soldiers on Reach, the cops is still functioning. Flooded with new recruits, they begin planning their revenge. Despite repeated warnings of the impossibility of it actually succeeding, General "Boromier" (every commanding General of the Black Rifles uses this title. Their reall names are hidden for security purposes) decides to take the fight to the enemies stronghold by attacking the Black Fortress. This impenetrable fortress is used as the Elitinati's main base for all operations on earth; the heart of all Elitinati operations begins here.

Undaunted by the task, General "Boromier" leads the troops in himself

The 9th Assault troops assisted by the 3rd Snipers come in from the north, while from the southwest, the 10th and 2nd Rangers slip up in stealth speeders. From the east, the 8th and the 1st entrench themselves in the Elitinati's only escape route. The enemy is completely blocked in.
Right as the last units get into place, both the 5th and the 6th Sky Hawks begin dive bomb runs from the Sting in space. They concentrate all fire on the center of the fortress. With confusion now on the outer lines of where the attack is happening, General "Boromier" orders the troops forward.

Despite being surprised by the attack, the Elitinati soldiers stand fast. They fear the wrath of their masters far more than the bullets of the Black Rifles. With bombs falling around them and furious supersoldiers attacking, they do not break and run, but rather remain and fight. For some time, the contest is doubtful.

As the fight continues, the ranks of the Black Rifles slowly thin, while the enemy grows more numerous with each passing minute. General "Boromier" knows something must be done, or soon all will be lost. "Follow me", he gestures to two young recruits. "If we capture those upper defenses, we could turn those guns away from our men and into the enemy." With no more than two men behind him, the General blazes ahead, guns aflame. The very sight of him leaves no doubt of why he is the head of the BR. Reaching the defenses, they quickly knock out the gunners and the recruits man the guns while the General holds the stairs. The tide begins to turn!

With the guns now firing into their backs, the enemy becomes disorganized and falls back to the inner keep. For a brief moment, all fighting ceases. General "Boromier" leaves his station to pear over the battlements to issue orders to his remaining soldiers. Suddenly, both of his gunners are shot down down. He whirls around, only to see dozens of enemy soldiers blocking him from the stairs. Trapped, he does the only thing possible, he prepares to fight!

Josh's support divisions arrive at just the right time. Scores of bombs and missiles rock the fortress sending everyone running for cover. "Boromier's" assailants dive beneath the ramparts, giving him just enough time to leap off the wall to the ground 50 feet below. His suit takes most of the blow, but even so, his right leg buckles underneath the tremendous fall. He is left limping, but he has no time to worry about that now. While Josh's divisions are still keeping the Elitinati occupied, he rallies the troops and prepares to lead the attack on the inner keep. "To me!" he cries, "To me, men! We have a fight yet to win!" Bolstered by their general's rallying cry, the Black Rifles renew the attack with vigor. The final battle for the Dark Fortress begins.

The 10th begin scaling the walls, while the 3rd Snipers pick off any enemy soldier that dares show their faces. The 2nd plant explosive charges on the main gate, while the 1st, 8th, and 9th, rally around "Boromier" in the center of the courtyard. At the General's signal, the charges are detonated and the gates are blown of their hinges. With a great cry, the Black Rifles pour into the keep!

Though severely outnumbered and outgunned, the courage of the Rifles wins the fight. Soon, the Elitinati are fleeing in droves. Top ranking officials use escape pods to leave earth and return to their ships in space. They leave behind them the smoking ruins of the Black Fortress.

But General "Boromier" is not finished. Taking with him some of the few remaining Rifles, he races to get to the airfield. They arrive just in time to intercept Eliua Orvenston, "Mr. Shark's" right hand man. His bodyguards, the Elantini Pillar Guards, attempt to clear a way through to his escape pod, but the Rifles aren't about to be thrust aside just like that. Vicious hand to hand combat begins.

The guards prove to many for the weary Rifles, and one by one they are taken down. Finally, only "Boromier" is left. His leg is almost crippled now, and the remaining guards move in to finish him off. But "Boromier" didn't come through fire and bullets just to fail in his objective. Pulling the pins of his remaining grenades, he tosses one into each of the Pillar guards cloaks. The explosions kill most of the remaining guards, and before their stunned partners can recover, "Boromier" neatly guns them down. Now, it is just him and Eliua. "Give it up, soldier, you cannot withstand me. I am Eliua Orvenston, a leader of the Elitinati! Against my powers you do not stand a chance" Eliua cries. Crippled, bloodied, and exhausted, "Boromier" falls to his knees and for the first time in his life, the thought that he might not be able to win this fight crosses his mind. Eliuam sensing his foe's weakness, and walks forward and stabs the exhausted "Boromier" in the gut, letting him fall to the ground. "You puny humans will never defeat us. You haven't the strength nor the guts." he says scornfully as he sheathes his sword. Walking into the pod, he turns around to say one last word to his dying enemy. He stops, stunned. With a super human effort, General "Boromier" stands up. "You're wrong, Eliua! We will never stop fighting, we will never stop struggling, we will never stop resisting you until we have driven every last one of Elitinati from this earth!" With that he gives on last squeeze of the trigger and fires his remaining rounds. Having given it his all, he and Eliua fall to the ground together in death.

Epilogue: When the surviving Black Rifles arrive at the airfield, they are too late to save "Boromier". He lies fallen among the bodies of his enemies. His body is reverently carried back to Gondor where it is buried with the greatest respect possible. The mission is a success, and the Black Fortress is reduced to rubble, but the cost is great. Over 9/10 of the Black Rifles never return from the fight, and their leader will never again rally the troops. The remaining Rifles return to their base where they will attempt to restore the Black Rifles to their former glory. Sadly, many days will pass before they will ever be truly at full strength again.

Sorry to all who are wondering what the heck I'm doing. I wanted have an epic story of the Black Rifles, and once I got started, I figured I would finish. Sadly, my writing skills don't do it justice. It sounded much better in my head than it does on paper.

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