Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet Adam Narya, King of the Royal Family

Interview conducted by Whitney of Silveria, Minister of Peace.

King Adam Narya is the Head of the Royal Family of the Valiant Defender's Party. He rules the lands of Narnethia in World War 3. He is majoring in History. Adam is also an aspiring writer, and he is the first person to break 20000 posts in the CollegePlus! Forums. 

Hello all!
As Valiant Defender's Party's Journalist, may I ask you several questions? 

No. But since you are here, why not go ahead?

First off:
How are you, today?
A bit tired; otherwise good.

How long have you been in CollegePlus! ?
Just over a year.

What do you think of the Forums? 
Overall good.

What do you do when you aren't on the Forums? 
Study, eat, breathe (of course *nods*)...and...lotsa stuff.
Do you have any favorite things? Food? Books? Music? 
Too many to list

Any goals after graduation?
Hmm...get a good job; get married And...oh, get published!

Any other thoughts you would like to share to the Forums? mean all my personal thoughts are gonna get shown to the Forums?

Now down to VDP:

When did WW3 fighters want to have their own party?
Erm...Election 8.0? Or was it 7.0?

Why did they want one?
Essentially to have one (originally)

Why are they running? 
Now it has evolved into something greater. A desire to guide the forums well is our motivation.

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