Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meet Andrew the Researching Pianist, Musician of the Royal Family

Interview conducted by Whitney of Silveria, Minister of Peace.

Andrew the Researching Pianist of the Royal Family is serious in many respects. He is often an encouragement, and has held a Chat prayer meeting and engineered a day to celebrate a certain member of the Forums through our profile pics and signatures. He also runs the Lateral Thinking Puzzles, which challenges the minds of many a Game Timer. He is pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship.

How are you, today? 
I am quite well, thank you. 

How long have you been in CollegePlus! ? 
A year, 6 days from now.

How many credits do you have? 
42. This is currently going by far too slowly

What do you think of the Forums? 
It is fun, helpful, serious, and building up.

What do you do when you aren't on the Forums? 
Study for college, study theology, hike with friends, newspaper route, piano, piano tutoring, work on our backyard garden.

Do you have any favorite things? Food? Books? Music? 
Food is good. I especially like theological books. I enjoy music, having done it for several years. I like growing food in our backyard.

Any goals after graduation? 
I'm not too sure... probably start a business, but you don't need to put that on.

Any other thoughts you would like to share to the Forums? 
I enjoy thinking. Make me think, earn my appreciation and respect.

Why is VDP running? 
To give a voice to those who have none... and just generally make the Forums better.

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