Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Supreme World Council

The Supreme World Council was erected to replace the League of United Nations. The League is against the Supreme World Council, as it is made up of "New" Nations, while the Supreme World Council is made up of rebuilt "Old" Nations.

Signers of the Original SWC Charter:
Federal States of America (North)
New Confederate Sovereignities of America (South)
Wild Western Wilderness of America (West)
Mexican Annexation (Central America)
Rosicrucae (exiled government of Germany)
Quebec Principality (Canada)
Tibetan Free Republic (China)
Empire of Luzon (Southeast Asia)
Muscovite-Siberian Collective (Russia)
Palestine (area around Israel, not Israel itself)

Applications Pending:
South Korean Protectorate
Cairo-Carthagian Kritocracy

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