Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Royal Family

The Royal Family is the ceremonial and social branch of the Party. They include some of the most respected in the Forums. Members are encouraged to be examples to the Forum community, and encouraged to abide by a Code of Honor.

King Adam of Narnethia
Responsibilities: Head of the Royal Family

Mother Queen Whitney of Silveria and Unvera
Responsibilties: Wise motherly wisdom

High Queen Sofia Soul Pea
Responsibilities: Wise wisdom of bacon epicness.

Princess Mia
Responsibilties: Princessy things

Lady Victoria
Responsibilities: Name Change

Lady Olivia of Luminne
Responsibilities: Motto

Duchess Chelsea
Responsibilities: Secretary to the President

Duchess Emily DeRois
Responsibilities: Maintenance of joyfulness

Grandmaster of the Royal Knighthood Shadow_Knight of the Shadowlands
Responsibilities: Handles Forum Knighthood.

Royal Knight Melessa of Esmarga and JB
Responsibilties: Encourage Knight's Code of Honor

Empress of the Forums Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo
Responsibilities: Make cookies.

Royal Translator Southern gal
Responsibilities: Translation

Musician Andrew the Researching Pianist
Responsibilities: Play music!

Royal Spy Hannah Musick
Responsibilities: Cipher and key mistress.

Duke Uriah
Responsibilities: Signature Swagmaster.

Countess Jael
Responsibilities: Hostess of Gatherings

Countess Brittdana
Responsibilities: Maintenance of general happiness

Sentinel Star Wars Fanatic
Responsibilities: Jedi!

Sir Joshua Vincent
Responsibilities: Knight of the Order

Sir Joshua Uproar
Responsibilities: Knight of the Order

Sir Joshua Subra
Responsibilities: Knight of the Order

Chaplain Samx
Responsibilities: Maintain Royal List.

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