Sunday, June 10, 2012

WW3 Rules For All Known Forums

I. Basic Rules(subject to change):

1. However you play is up to you. Form alliances. Form country names and rulers. Form storylines. Be original and HAVE FUN!

Amendment: As long as it doesn't mess with the Technical Stuff Rules, of course.

2. Any decisions made by the management that are not put into vote is final. I'll be sure to be fair and objective.

3. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, PLEASE. This is just a game.

1. You can attack anyone who has posted on this thread. You must name the member's username or country.
 You can attack only one person at a time(if no one else has replied yet).
 Any unnamed attacks will directed to the poster before the attacker.

Amendment: Any unnamed attacks do not count unless stated afterwards.

2. You must state the epicness of your attacks. For example,
"I rain artillery shells on (username)'s bases"
"Blitzkrieging (username)'s country"
HOWEVER, nukes are not allowed until a special condition is met.

3. It is recommended you post pictures of your attacks. An attack with a picture or a vid is 2(two) points.

Youtube Videos are even better!!!

Appendix: Not enforced, but players are encouraged to limit pictures and videos to one or two per post, so the Net won't slow down.

5. To get a nuke, you must have been attacked at least 3 times. Nuking someone for revenge is acceptable. However, nuking a country that has not attacked you will summon the wrath of the League of the United Nations.

6. I will periodically check this thread and tally up scores on the scoreboard. Awards and whatnot will be presented at various random times. Every nation you nuke counts as 3 points and every other attack 1. A NUKE REDUCES A HIT COUNTRY'S POINTS BY 5 AND COUNTS AS TWO ATTACKS.

Amendment: Players are now required to keep their own score, but I will periodically double check the thread.

II. CollegePlus! Forums Specific Rules

1. The League will meet at random times in a poll vote form as I please. Voting will result in rule changes, sanctions, etc.

2. The League at random times will elect Permanent and Temporary Members of the Insecurity Council, taking this form:

3. Other rules concerning motion-making:

1. From time to time, players will be asked to particpate in missions. Participation is not required. However, those who does not participate will miss rewards.

2. LeslieC's Contingent:


III. GMC Forums Specific Rules

None, yet.

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